Collado Jermoso

Collado Jermoso´s refuge is located in the central massif of the Picos de Europa at 2064m, on a balcony located more than 1000m above the Valdeón valley in a unique enclave.

It is located on the La Sotín´s canal and under the main towers of the Llambrión sector. From here you can see the best sunsets over the western massif of the Picos de Europa. It serves as a base to climb the Torres del Llambrión, Peñalba, La Palanca, etc.

Macizo Central (Castilla y León) 2.604m
6.60€ Breakfast
16.70€ Lunch/Dinner
11.50€ Overnight stay
12€ Picnic
Non Federated
6.80€ Breakfast
17€ Lunch/Dinner
17.50€ Overnight stay
12€ Picnic